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from domain import Release, Version, ReleaseType
from infrastructure_api import FileHandler
class VersionRepository():
def __init__(self, file):
self.file = file
self.file_handler = None
def load_file(self):
self.file_handler = FileHandler.from_file_path(self.file)
return self.file_handler
def write_file(self, version_string):
if self.file_handler is None:
raise Exception('Version was not created by load_file method.')
def parse_file(self):
version_list, is_snapshot = self.file_handler.parse()
return version_list, is_snapshot
def get_version(self) -> Version:
self.file_handler = self.load_file()
version_list, is_snapshot = self.parse_file()
version = Version(self.file, version_list)
version.is_snapshot = is_snapshot
return version
class ReleaseTypeRepository():
def __init__(self, git_api, environment_api=None):
self.git_api = git_api
def get_release_type(self):
latest_commit = self.git_api.get_latest_commit()
if in latest_commit.upper():
return ReleaseType.MAJOR
elif in latest_commit.upper():
return ReleaseType.MINOR
elif in latest_commit.upper():
return ReleaseType.PATCH
elif in latest_commit.upper():
return ReleaseType.SNAPSHOT
return None
class ReleaseRepository():
def __init__(self, version_repository: VersionRepository, release_type_repository: ReleaseTypeRepository, main_branch: str):
self.version_repository = version_repository
self.release_type_repository = release_type_repository
self.main_branch = main_branch
def get_release(self) -> Release:
return Release(self.release_type_repository.get_release_type(), self.version_repository.get_version(), self.main_branch)