POC for consuming and producing favs/stars/likes with AS&AP
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In order to contribute to forge federation we do here some experiments how to model the vocabulary. We choose clojure for the implementation because

  1. concepts of clojures spec & dataomic are quite close to linked data.
  2. spec notation is realy compact
  3. spec allows validation of models in unitest
  4. spec is ways more readable compared to ttls reverse relation 'owl:domain'
  5. we know clojure :-)

Cool ideas

We got feedback from cool people and have collected the ideas around:

Development & mirrors

Development happens at: https://repo.prod.meissa.de/meissa/activity-pub-poc.git

Mirrors are:

For more details about our repository model see: https://repo.prod.meissa.de/meissa/federate-your-repos


Copyright © 2022 meissa GmbH Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License")