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convention 4 kubernetes: c4k-keycloak

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c4k-keycloak provides a k8s deployment for keycloak containing:

  • keycloak
  • ingress having a letsencrypt managed certificate
  • postgres database

The package aims to a low load sceanrio.


This is just a POC, database is stored volatile, there is no backup implemented.

Try out

Click on the image to try out live in your browser:

Try it out

Your input will stay in your browser. No server interaction is required.

You will also be able to try out on cli:

target/graalvm/c4k-keycloak src/test/resources/keycloak-test/valid-config.edn src/test/resourceskeycloak-test/valid-auth.edn | kubeval -
target/graalvm/c4k-keycloak src/test/resources/keycloak-test/valid-config.edn src/test/resources/keycloak-test/valid-auth.edn | kubectl apply -f -

Development & mirrors

Development happens at:

Mirrors are:

For more details about our repository model see:


Copyright © 2021 meissa GmbH Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License") Pls. find licenses of our subcomponents here