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Clojars Project pipeline status

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c4k-mastodon-bot generates a c4k cron-job for your mastodon-bot. All inputs are validated, generaterd yaml will be wellformed, indenet and escaped.


There are many comparable solutions for creating c4k deployments like helm or kustomize. Why do we need another one?

  • We like the simplicity of kustomize. Yaml in, yaml out, the ability to lint the result and the option to split large yaml files into objects. But a simple overwriting per environment may not be enough ...
  • We like helm packages. A package encapsulates the setup for an application. On the one hand, but on the other hand we don't like the idea of having to program and debug in a template language. We can program much better in real programming languages.

Our c4k-* tools combine the advantages of both approaches:

  • Packages for one application
  • Programming in clojure
  • yaml / edn as input and output, no more magic
  • good validation, integration as api, cli or in the browser

Try out

Click on the image to try out live in your browser:

Try it out

Your input will stay in your browser. No server interaction is required.

You will also be able to try out on cli:

target/graalvm/c4k-mastodon-bot src/test/resources/valid-config.edn src/test/resources/valid-auth.edn | kubeval -
target/graalvm/c4k-mastodon-bot src/test/resources/valid-config.edn src/test/resources/valid-auth.edn | kubectl apply -f -

Development & mirrors

Development happens at:

Mirrors are:

For more details about our repository model see:


Copyright © 2021 meissa GmbH Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License") Pls. find licenses of our subcomponents here