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Clojars Project pipeline status

DeltaChat chat over e-mail | | taiga & Blog


Easily generate a config for a small scale Taiga deployment. Complete with initial super user and configurable values for flexibility.


Ready for production. We are about to migrate to taiga on our own servers.

Try out

Click on the image to try out live in your browser:

Try it out

Your input will stay in your browser. No server interaction is required.


To generate your configuration:

  1. Create an auth.yaml and a config.yaml

You can find examples in src/test/resources/taiga-test in this repository. Please check the def auth? and def config? definitions in src/main/cljc/dda/c4k_taiga/taiga.cljc for required and optional values. When you plan to use the dda_backup solution, you also need the keys:

  • aws-access-key-id: "AWS_KEY_ID"
  • aws-secret-access-key: "AWS_KEY_SECRET"
  • restic-password: ""

in your auth.yaml


  • restic-repository: "repo-path"

in your config.yaml.

  1. install jarwrapper
sudo apt install jarwrapper # on debian derivatives
  1. execute the c4k-taiga-standalone.jar
java -jar c4k-taiga-standalone.jar config.yaml auth.yaml

To set up you need:

  • A working DNS route to the FQDN of your taiga installation
  • A kubernetes cluster provisioned by provs
  • The .yaml file generated by c4k-taiga-standalone.jar

Apply this file on your cluster with kubectl apply -f application.yaml.


You can access the administration of the taiga installation via: your.taiga.url/admin/


You need some form of cloud storage like AWS buckets and the respective access credentials to make the backups work correctly.

For a working backup you need to save Taiga DB & Taiga Media as described here:

For further instruction please refer to in doc/ in this repository.

Development & mirrors

Development happens at:

Mirrors are:

For more details about our repository model see:


Copyright © 2022 meissa GmbH Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License") Pls. find licenses of our subcomponents here