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Clemens 9501120d88 removed deprecated todo 1 month ago
Clemens 2e7de036a5 resolve todo 1 month ago
erik a8e1dae976 Fix tests 1 month ago
erik 89cd45fdd3 Merge branch 'main' of ssh:// 2 months ago
erik b593ac8b7c Add limit on cron job activity 2 months ago
bom 87a18c4010 bump version to: 2.0.4-SNAPSHOT 2 months ago
bom 84646748f2 release: 2.0.3 2 months ago
bom 1f8ced4e6d Add git to image 2 months ago
bom 76882ba196 bump version to: 2.0.3-SNAPSHOT 2 months ago
bom a84ef439cb release: 2.0.2 2 months ago
bom 457b106829 Install go 1.19.13 2 months ago
bom f78e089639 bump version to: 2.0.2-SNAPSHOT 2 months ago
bom 86f3bd94fb release: 2.0.1 2 months ago
bom b07191d9d5 lein ancient upgrade 2 months ago
erik 3524b2209e Install hugo from deb 2 months ago
bom d43cad692a Update deps to use new inline macro 3 months ago
Michael Jerger 0cd0225918 add review comments 3 months ago
gec 07cea8cfeb add-hugo-build (#5)
Reviewed-on: #5
3 months ago
Clemens a1803e79a6 adjust defaults 3 months ago
Clemens e1d43cddc5 added rate limits 3 months ago
Clemens 3944c28562 adjust calling of 3 months ago
Clemens 56a08653e9 rename website root envvar 3 months ago
Clemens 889b95f572 revert env var renaming 3 months ago
Clemens 9e8af08ec2 added configMapRef for nginx initContainer 3 months ago
Clemens 26a687c488 fix generation of all build-secrets 3 months ago
Clemens d1764c64ed added lein inst 3 months ago
Clemens 7e146a3463 renamed repo-user and forgejo-repo 3 months ago
Clemens 164f66d4b7 renamed env variables according to convention 3 months ago
Clemens ebca7a3454 added git host as env var 3 months ago
Clemens 548dd14091 Added build-configmap as env to build-cron 3 months ago
Clemens f1e41b3333 added test for generate-build-configmap 3 months ago
Clemens 9e75c22337 added build-configmap generation 3 months ago
Clemens e02f4949fc small adjustments 3 months ago
Clemens e923c9d5c3 moved repo-user from auth to config 4 months ago
Clemens 248c33613a started splitting build-secret and build-configmap 4 months ago
Clemens 600dd1c30a add hugo to image & generate netrc file 4 months ago
Michael Jerger d496ba28f6 add redirects to config 4 months ago
Michael Jerger e69c9e87bd bump version to: 2.0.1-SNAPSHOT 4 months ago
Michael Jerger 2dff50f7b8 release: 2.0.0 4 months ago
Michael Jerger d7be8aa730 refactor alias 4 months ago
Michael Jerger 9efbf4dbc4 refactor website_internal 4 months ago
Michael Jerger 1b1d316653 refactore auth -> websiteauths 4 months ago
Michael Jerger 20401c20b7 refactore websites -> websiteconfigs 4 months ago
Michael Jerger f16ee34782 merge happens in uberjar -> website is obsoloete 4 months ago
Michael Jerger 18ec39549e update deps 4 months ago
Michael Jerger e97fc0d675 fix log 4 months ago
Michael Jerger 800f4e6bb0 fix test compat 4 months ago
Michael Jerger 8b2e14277a imabe listens on 80 // log-files are linked to stdout 4 months ago
Michael Jerger 0d5d10d64c use port 8080 instead of 80 4 months ago
Michael Jerger 2582bcfb10 fix volume name 4 months ago