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bom 87a18c4010 bump version to: 2.0.4-SNAPSHOT 4 weeks ago
bom 84646748f2 release: 2.0.3 4 weeks ago
bom 1f8ced4e6d Add git to image 4 weeks ago
bom 76882ba196 bump version to: 2.0.3-SNAPSHOT 4 weeks ago
bom a84ef439cb release: 2.0.2 4 weeks ago
bom 457b106829 Install go 1.19.13 4 weeks ago
bom f78e089639 bump version to: 2.0.2-SNAPSHOT 4 weeks ago
bom 86f3bd94fb release: 2.0.1 4 weeks ago
erik 3524b2209e Install hugo from deb 4 weeks ago
Clemens 3944c28562 adjust calling of 2 months ago
Clemens 56a08653e9 rename website root envvar 2 months ago
Clemens 889b95f572 revert env var renaming 3 months ago
Clemens 164f66d4b7 renamed env variables according to convention 3 months ago
Clemens ebca7a3454 added git host as env var 3 months ago
Clemens 600dd1c30a add hugo to image & generate netrc file 3 months ago
Michael Jerger e69c9e87bd bump version to: 2.0.1-SNAPSHOT 3 months ago
Michael Jerger 2dff50f7b8 release: 2.0.0 3 months ago
Michael Jerger f0ed84822b new way to generate 3 months ago
jerger 04377f0daf update doc 3 months ago
bom 03ac969aa9 bump version to: 1.1.9-SNAPSHOT 4 months ago
bom c8a86192ca release: 1.1.8 4 months ago
Mirco 9e16cc38e0 bump version to: 1.1.8-SNAPSHOT 5 months ago
Mirco 5a843b9286 release: 1.1.7 5 months ago
Mirco d131b25313 Improvements docker image building 5 months ago
erik 715cf83561 bump version to: 1.1.7-SNAPSHOT 7 months ago
erik e46fe2f14e release: 1.1.6 7 months ago
erik 418a9d75a4 Track errors in 7 months ago
Clemens 00b57fe2ce bump version to: 1.1.6-SNAPSHOT 8 months ago
Clemens c551b6f7da release: 1.1.5 8 months ago
Clemens f526fbc3c6 Added curl installation 8 months ago
Clemens f25ed6108d bump version to: 1.1.5-SNAPSHOT 8 months ago
Clemens 114fbea3bc release: 1.1.4 8 months ago
Clemens 1b07e6e5a9 Updated and dependencies 8 months ago