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erik bddb58e3a8 [Skip-CI] Ignore eastwood file 7 months ago
erik 715cf83561 bump version to: 1.1.7-SNAPSHOT 7 months ago
erik e46fe2f14e release: 1.1.6 7 months ago
erik e8c748ed1e Update c4k-common dep 7 months ago
erik 418a9d75a4 Track errors in 8 months ago
erik 2b48943dff Update status of discussion 8 months ago
erik bf68eecf93 Update Req Discussion 8 months ago
Michael Jerger 27f6e82aa0 Merge branch 'main' of ssh:// 8 months ago
Michael Jerger 3579197850 add discussion 8 months ago
Clemens d461b32bbf Updated dda-devops images version to 4.7.4 8 months ago
Clemens 00b57fe2ce bump version to: 1.1.6-SNAPSHOT 8 months ago
Clemens c551b6f7da release: 1.1.5 8 months ago
Clemens f526fbc3c6 Added curl installation 8 months ago
Clemens f25ed6108d bump version to: 1.1.5-SNAPSHOT 8 months ago
Clemens 114fbea3bc release: 1.1.4 8 months ago
Clemens 1b07e6e5a9 Updated and dependencies 8 months ago
erik ec27a519a1 Format 9 months ago
erik 12b27835e6 Refine data flow diagram 9 months ago
erik 1710771b71 Fix typo 9 months ago
erik 0eddf1a939 Add data flow diagram 9 months ago
Michael Jerger 3250cee849 requirements 10 months ago
erik 774880f26e [Skip-CI] Add Development and mirrors section 11 months ago
erik cd87d00d73 Fix format of text field 1 year ago
erik de41730dad Fix bugs in browser.cljs
We are not using test as a keyword.
Also add a group for website data.
1 year ago
erik a0698750e3 Implement function defs for keys
Using the keys for validation in browser.cljs will convert the map
in the input field to a vector, causing the spec to fail in the browser.
1 year ago
erik 4d6af0e13f Refactor keys to current mon ns defs 1 year ago
erik d2c9e66717 Bump Dep 1 year ago
Mirco e3777bc6ae [skip-ci] Update 1 year ago
Clemens e3d4e4b2bf update release doc 1 year ago
Clemens 6b318e1b79 version bump 1 year ago
Clemens 99e0b6693c Version 1.1.3 1 year ago
Clemens 765b69e63a Release v1.1.3 1 year ago
Pat Dyn f91269fb94 Merge branch 'split-config-and-auth-input' into 'main'
Do not merge config and auth

See merge request domaindrivenarchitecture/c4k-website!5
1 year ago
Pat Dyn c8e4c9acf7 Do not merge config and auth 1 year ago
Clemens a61e3a7a7d Remove LGPL from subcomponent license file 1 year ago
Clemens d02b114ba7 Exclude codox-klipse-theme 1 year ago
Clemens 5f682edf62 Added MPL2 to subcomponent licenses 1 year ago
Clemens dc6e111131 Added subcomponent licenses 1 year ago
erik ecb72bedb1 Add website docker image to CI
Now creating, testing and publishing the image in our CI.
1 year ago
jerger bfdd417fff [skip-ci] update doc 1 year ago
jerger 258c7dcf6e [skip-ci] version bump 1 year ago
jerger ddc5063bb8 Version 1.1.2 1 year ago
jerger 4407d25020 prepare release 1 year ago
jerger 58fa7cc5f9 check examples & add monitoring to browser 1 year ago
jerger 656cdeb92e version bump 2 years ago
jerger 5e2004e8c4 Version 1.1.1 2 years ago
jerger ea08da9904 adjust to new c4k-common version 2 years ago
jerger 98f0c81dc4 updated deps 2 years ago
Pat Dyn 63f4b05e02 Merge branch 'hash-zip-before-unpack' into 'main'
Check and compare commit hashes before downloading files

See merge request domaindrivenarchitecture/c4k-website!4
2 years ago
erik acbcc4e6ab [Skip-CI] Use image directly 2 years ago