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ansgarz 1b7e2824ce [skip ci] update 6 days ago
ansgarz fd0440fc2f [skip ci] improve test_install_and_configure_Gopass_and_GopassBridgeJsonApi 6 days ago
ansgarz 3217fa95bd [skip ci] update doc 6 days ago
ansgarz ff331a45ee update gopassBridgeJsonApi version 1.15.5 to 1.15.13 7 days ago
ansgarz 812ae47d80 update gopass version 1.15.5 to 1.15.13 7 days ago
ansgarz 6e58053e1b remove openjdk-8-jdk and openjdk-11-jdk from IDE installation 7 days ago
ansgarz 4fff5257e0 [skip ci] tmp remove nextcloud-client installation 2 weeks ago
ansgarz 4e50537b39 fix tests 2 weeks ago
ansgarz 582a830a80 [skip ci] add cmts 2 weeks ago
ansgarz d1693268f3 fix test_reopeing_ssh_session_succeeds 2 weeks ago
ansgarz b24e4ba36c fix sha256sum for installKubectl 2 weeks ago
bom ccea3c1c53 Add traefik annotation 3 weeks ago
patdyn a336838af8 Merge branch 'main' of ssh:// 2 months ago
patdyn 6a0027fb64 Install in IDE 2 months ago
patdyn 494e1bd8d6 Finish hugo install and test 2 months ago
patdyn 49ec8462f0 Add Hugo install and test 2 months ago
ansgarz 7307e39ff6 update images for integration tests to ubuntu 22.04 2 months ago
ansgarz 8f90fa9d86 update images for integration tests to ubuntu 22.04 2 months ago
ansgarz 726cd5c01a [skip ci] adjust module names for tests 2 months ago
ansgarz e2b7732a5e add installation of adduser for integration tests 2 months ago
bom b8b7091ec2 Update deprecated ingress.class 2 months ago
bom e568b5aa82 Server: Fix hetzner csi resource paths 2 months ago
bom 80476532d7 Server: Remove obsolete resources 2 months ago
bom 5bd824dee5 Server: Add support for hetzner csi with encryption 2 months ago
Mirco f0fa8d5ca5 [Skip-CI] Added doc, "Howto update gradle wrapper" 4 months ago
ansgarz 9d3f43975b update Kotlin version 4 months ago
Mirco 989f80c41f bump version to: 0.35.1-SNAPSHOT 4 months ago
Mirco 965f2e3101 release: 0.35.0 4 months ago
Mirco a20b1a9144 refactor kubeconform, installpath, check, test 4 months ago
ansgarz 771d7f7b89 bump version to: 0.34.1-SNAPSHOT 5 months ago
ansgarz 055d302022 release: 0.34.0 5 months ago
ansgarz d187a8423c add kubeconform 5 months ago
Michael Jerger 7a506e07d4 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/main' 5 months ago
Michael Jerger 497fd9a45d fix scripts 5 months ago
ansgarz c0e64096a8 bump version to: 0.33.2-SNAPSHOT 5 months ago
ansgarz ba0f58b02d release: 0.33.1 5 months ago
ansgarz 028543df53 update logback 5 months ago
ansgarz dd9e7b71b2 bump version to: 0.33.1-SNAPSHOT 5 months ago
ansgarz 8c6f25598d release: 0.33.0 5 months ago
ansgarz d4115992b0 bump version to: 0.32.3-SNAPSHOT 5 months ago
ansgarz 4cf3ab358c release: 0.32.2 5 months ago
ansgarz d0e88c3bf4 bump version to: 0.32.2-SNAPSHOT 5 months ago
ansgarz f9c25a0e1a release: 0.32.1 5 months ago
ansgarz 8191096794 add release_main_branch to 5 months ago
ansgarz 1d64b4400e bump version to: 0.32.1-SNAPSHOT 5 months ago
ansgarz d43057bf9d release: 0.32.0 5 months ago
ansgarz bc38779b25 bump version to: 0.31.2-SNAPSHOT 5 months ago
ansgarz 80ae171052 release: 0.31.1 5 months ago
ansgarz 2bb986f80f make deprovisionK3sInfra idempotent 5 months ago
bom bcc89ef408 bump version to: 0.31.1-SNAPSHOT 5 months ago