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erik 4fbbe26714 Update arch documentation 1 year ago
erik 81458c6acc dd todos from review 1 year ago
bom d5d8b8e7e1 Add test for TagAndPushReleaseService 1 year ago
bom 950d76c883 Add get_latest_tag to GitApi
also rename system_repo to system_api
1 year ago
bom 58e6473747 Split tag_and_push_release into two 1 year ago
bom 21e941cce0 Import GitApi from correct module 1 year ago
erik 874106e1d4 Disable test_release_mixin 1 year ago
erik 63d3823d87 Implement release class test 1 year ago
erik 8eb510d034 Base bump version on release version 1 year ago
erik 99877b3fbf Implement git init
Allows creation of new git repo, may be of use in tests.
1 year ago
erik 0d36a8a66a Fix service test and cleanup services
We now create a temporary git repository that creates a release commit.
Remove whitespaces, unused imports.
1 year ago
erik 9dc32ac92f Refactor Class Name 1 year ago
erik 455585f78c Remove Config class
If the config class was to replace the config dict,
further refactorings upstream would be needed.
This is out of scope.
1 year ago
erik 5700b42098 Remove redundant method 1 year ago
bom 8855a2c6b6 Remove unused imports 1 year ago
bom 24e8f65aaf Remove run_test line
Will not be implemented, as it is already run in CI beforehand
1 year ago
bom 9c9676b5b8 Pass Release instead of Version object 1 year ago
bom 28344667db Remove unused fields from ReleaseMixin
These are handled through repos and services instead
1 year ago
bom 338cafc211 Validate correct branch in Release object
Avoids throwing exceptions in service and delegates validation to the
domain level
1 year ago
erik 9bde301ee4 Use release class
Create it out of the given release_repo.
Thus simplifying the call tree as we only access the release_repo in the
1 year ago
erik 39d60f6854 WIP Remove prepare release service 1 year ago
erik 802dd7d57b WIP Remove prepare release service 1 year ago
bom ef51db1403 Fix some of the tests 1 year ago
jerger 975de636ed mob 1 year ago
bom c6ef13ca7c mob 1 year ago
jerger a09eaa7521 mob 1 year ago
bom 0551fe6bfe mob 1 year ago
jerger 74925a90b7 mob 1 year ago
jerger 4f499bd1f4 ignore target 1 year ago
bom 0cdf4b4c9c Update files for in project release testing
1. commit anything and include one release type
2. run `pyb release` in project root
3. check that release commit and version bump commit were added
4. reset with `git reset origin/main`
1 year ago
bom b93772d3a1 Fix naming and arguments in release_mixin 1 year ago
bom a109759c68 Return stdout from git_repository functions 1 year ago
bom 4a23b0b800 Implement and use TagAndPushReleaseService 1 year ago
bom e7152301dd Add utility functions to git_repository 1 year ago
bom fa6beebc4e Move commit logic to prepare_release_service 1 year ago
bom c58ddf70da Compact updating config into one call 1 year ago
bom 1ce4bd9c55 Remove release_type as requirement for Version
Require it in functions that actually use it instead
1 year ago
bom 992c72bda3 Give 'file' a more descriptive name 1 year ago
bom 0df4db54d8 Copy the version list when creating new Version 1 year ago
erik 2fe05b0e06 Use deep copy of release_version object
Release version is modified again, when calling create_bump_version on it.
1 year ago
erik fa73c52fe2 Remove asterisk on destructured args
Otherwise we would create a tuple containing
a tuple of arguments and an empty tuple.
1 year ago
erik c91bbe787b Create string from return value
stdout returns a list of strings.
This needed to be handled.
1 year ago
erik d759036989 Create realistic test conditions 1 year ago
erik 99b8884d11 WIP implement prepare release service 1 year ago
erik 294d664bb8 WIP Add test for release_mixin 1 year ago
erik d22dbbf050 Add import, remove return 1 year ago
erik 1e2593e358 No settings in repo 1 year ago
erik 0d0bde4b9e Remove whitespaces 1 year ago
erik 7d7347653e Update release_mixin methods 1 year ago
erik a07c23434e Implement tag_annotated and bugfix 1 year ago