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erik 802dd7d57b WIP Remove prepare release service 1 year ago
bom 0cdf4b4c9c Update files for in project release testing
1. commit anything and include one release type
2. run `pyb release` in project root
3. check that release commit and version bump commit were added
4. reset with `git reset origin/main`
1 year ago
erik 03f8507968 Setup build.py 1 year ago
erik 1112b1ad49 WIP Implement prepare and tagandpush services 1 year ago
erik e68ae46804 Prepare build.py 1 year ago
erik 3661e47bff WIP create ReleaseMixin 1 year ago
erik fbcd9ee398 WIP Implement ReleaseLevel 1 year ago
bom 68397ed0e4 Add skeleton for testing Version 1 year ago
erik 0bd416a63f WIP prepare build.py 1 year ago